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Interim Business Change and Transformation Services

Change Management is a leadership framework that enables organisations to respond to changing market conditions so they can adapt, grow and be profitable.  As organisations only adapt and change when their people do, change management tools and processes is vital to manage the people side of change (decrease resistance and  increase utilisation, speed of adoption and skills proficiency)  in alignment with the project side of change (or project management framework) so as to facilitate the achievement of desired outcomes and benefits from initiatives.

In today’s fast moving business environment, change is “the new normal” and there are an infinite variety of changes that you may seek to implement so as to continue to adapt, make business profits, increase your market share, increase your customer satisfaction or increase your employee engagement. Typical ones include:

  1. Changing your business objectives, business model and business strategy to ward off threats , or exploit opportunities, from external (political, economic, social, technical, legal or environmental) influences

  2. Introducing a new piece of technology to your business and/ or eliminating or upgrading old ones

  3. Re- designing your Organisation, restructuring your teams and changing job descriptions

  4. Introducing new ways of working and new business processes

  5. Upskilling individuals and teams

  6. Introducing or eliminating new product lines , services and/ or tasks

  7. Recruiting new members to the team and/or new management

  8. Relocating your business to another location

  9. Merging, upsizing, downsizing

  10. Changing your performance management and reward and recognition processes

The list is endless.

Inorder to successfully introduce any change into your Organisation and team and realize the benefits; you need to:

  1. Fully understand the changes you need to implement and why – no matter how big or small

  2. Assess and understand the impact of the changes on all elements of your Organisation including individuals, teams, customers and stakeholders, as well as your processes and your systems

  3. Communicate the changes in a compelling, engaging, diverse and credible manner to all affected and manage the expected and unexpected resistance sensitively

  4. Design and Plan all the elements of the changes and prepare your business for its introduction

  5. Deliver the changes; upgrade your processes and upskill your people so that they can confidently adapt and work in the new environment

  6. Practice, practice, practice so that the new implemented changes becomes “the new normal”

It sounds simple?

We know it’s not.

There is a reason why 60%- 80% of change management projects fail and …and it has got nothing to do with the size of the changes being introduced. “Small” changes also fail.

Working with you and your in-house capability, we will provide a structured and tailored approach to the management and implementation of change into your organization, in a manner which befits your organization and people and which allows you to reap your desired benefits – whatever they are.

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