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People Change Services

As sensitive business and people change specialists and Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) trained coaches, we recognise that amongst the biggest barriers to transformation and change initiatives are people, culture and  behaviours. People’s reactions and responses to the introduction of something new has to go through the “Change Curve”.

A failure to address the people side of change results in individuals and teams resisting, continuing to work in exactly the same old way that they have always done, doing the same old thing that they have always done and wondering why the results haven’t changed! Before you know it, the newly introduced initiative will be declared a ‘failure’. Our  people and team coaching services specifically aim to address this and includes tailored team coaching, personal coaching and speaking engagements.

Behind Every Successful Woman (BESW) Training Programme 

In her latest book,  Behind Every Successful Woman Is…, Audrey shines the spotlight on the good, the bad and the mundane  that women have to navigate through to succeed.  This tailored Behind Every Successful Woman (BESW) programme for women  compliments the book, promotes an alignment of women’s career and personal goals and delivers much needed performance improvements, in the core challenges that women face. The programme modules include:

  1. Developing self-confidence & belief in yourself.

  2. Developing assertiveness, negotiation and conflict management skills.

  3. Self-Promotion for career and business progression.

  4. Developing resilience & overcoming the habit of taking things personally.

  5. Developing strategies for balancing career with family effortlessly.

  6. Tips on how to work for a female boss.

The BESW programme is available through a combination of online and face to face personalised sessions. To book a free consultation, call Audrey at 07931 352134 or email

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