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Audrey Ezekwesili

Audrey Ezekwesili is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and a Business Change Management registered Practitioner with over 20 years corporate experience from public and private sectors. She is the author of the books "Developing People - Top 10 tips for New and Middle Managers" and "Behind Every Successful Woman is...the good, the bad and the mundane that women navigate through to succeed"


She is a Change and Transformation Director at Facilitate4Me.



. . . Change is therefore key to improving your business, people or personal performance and driving significant results and outcomes.

We are a best in class Project, Change and Transformation specialists with extensive experience of managing projects and programmes to drive change, leading on culture change within an organisation and delivering business wide commercial and operational value across complex environments. We are highly collaborative professionals with exceptional stakeholder engagement skills from frontline to board room  and significant experience of adapting to, and influencing, behaviour and culture changes.

She is a Change and Transformation Director at Facilitate4Me.


Led by Audrey Ezekwesili, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management,  and an APMG International certified Change Management Practitioner, Facilitate4Me  delivers desired results and outcomes across a variety of challenges and changes including:

Strategy Changes

Desired changes in how your business will achieve its vision, mission and objectives

Merger and Acquisitions

Integration of businesses, cultures, new ways of working and new services into one coherent and effective business

Structural Changes

 In your Target Operating Model (TOM) to reflect how best to structure your business activities, roles and responsibilities to achieve your strategic objectives

Process Changes

Process improvements to reflect the optimum end to end activities to get your products or services to your customer in an efficient and effective manner.

People Changes

Compliments your ‘technical’ change projects and addresses the people aspect of the change because your business only changes and improves when your people do. So, our stakeholder engagement and communications service increases your people’s awareness of the reason of the change; our coaching and training interventions address the inevitable gaps in their capability, decreases their fear and resistance whilst increasing their competence and ability to adopt the new working practices.

Cultural Changes 

Facilitates the required culture changes to move from the old outdated attitudes, behaviours and “way we do things around here” to the new desired ways of working that underpins a high-performance culture.

We are empathetic and flexible because we know that one size fits ONLY one.

Facilitate4me consultants have industry experience and successes of utilising all types of change management models to deliver results, with empathy, across many industry sectors.

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Our Business Change Management Practitioners undertake short and medium term assignments on client sites and across all sectors especially : Rail & Transport; Public sector; Information Technology and Information Management sector

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Change Management

We specialise in utilising our significant stakeholder engagement skills to bring people along the change journey, understand complexities and deliver results.

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Bespoke Services

Our bespoke People and Organisation change management services and interventions span across the breadth of business change management models and processes and are deliberately tailored to increase the resilience of all within the organisation in adapting to, and managing change.


“Audrey supported the integration of two train operating companies to create the largest ever UK rail franchise. Audrey is a determined, hard-working and results oriented individual who gave strong support in meeting a complex set of challenges which also required the achievement of demanding but fixed timescales.”


CEO at GTR (Govia Thameslink Railway)

Organisations we’ve worked with

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